I began cycling as a means of exercise in the summer of 2006 as part of my recovery from an emergency operation 8 months previously on a slipped disc in my spine (the disc had caused quite a bit of damage to the nerves in my spine, to put it mildly, and other sports weren't possible). I started out just cycling the local roads and hills on my old "city" bike, but soon caught the cycling bug and spent all my hard-saved pocket money on a road racing bike. A nice bike that actually cost me more than my first three cars put together (OK, I bought those over 20 years ago when cars were cheaper). I still did (and do) tours on my old bike, because it's robust and can carry panniers, but in 2009 it was superseded by a Koga Miyata World Traveller, a purpose-built touring bike that has now become a faithful companion on many a trip.


Cols in Alsace 4 days in France

Alsace 3 days in France

Murs de Wetterau 1-day ride with some steep hills

Kocher & Jagst      4 days in Swabia

Tour de Hesse 15-day tour around the state of Hesse


Crossing France      10-day tour (report + photos to follow)

Iron Curtain Country      4-day tour

Main-Tauber      4-day tour

Henninger Jedermann      Road race

Frankfurt-Hartmannshain-Wächtersbach      Day trip

Rhine-Main      Day trip


Vogelsberg      2-day trip

Traverse de France      3 weeks

Trekking: Vogelsberg/Rhön      3-day tour

Nieder-Erlenbach RTF      Road racing

Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop      Road race

Spessart Crucifixion/Resurrection      Road racing

3 Counties Tour      3-day tour

Birthday Ride      Day trip

Worms-Frankfurt      1st 2-day trip with Koga

RMV 9      Day trip

Nidda-Nidder      Day trip

Bruchenbruecken-Muenzenberg      Day trip

Muenzenberg      Day trip


Münzenberg      Day trip

Frankfurt's Green Belt      Day trip

River Nidda & Limes      Day trip

Henninger Radler RTF      Road racer

England Coast to Coast      3 days on the road racer

Neu-Isenburg RTF      Road racer

Tour de Tauber      1-week tour

217 km      Road racer

The Longest Day aka The Three Peaks      Road racer

Frankfurt-Hoherodskopf-Frankfurt      Day trip

Spessart      Day trip

Wehrheim-Feldberg      Day trip

Rund um den Henninger Turm      Road race

Frankfurt-Wächtersbach      Day trip

Büdinger Wald      Day trip


Wolds Tour 2      Road racer

Wolds Tour 1      Road racer

Havelland      Road racer

Henninger Radler RTF      Road race

Oppershofen RTF      Road racing

Oberstedten RTF      Road racing

Langenselbold RTF      Road racing

Nieder-Erlenbach RTF      Road racing

Rund um den Henninger Turm      Road racing

Bischofsheim RTF      Road racing

Nieder-Weisel RTF      Road racing